Awesome! You're one step closer to adding deals to your pipeline and real estate agents to your database!

So What's the Next Step?

Since these leads truly are Exclusive and Real Time...TERRITORIES ARE LIMITED. The next step is to find out if your area is available.  Schedule a BRIEF call with us by choosing a date/time on the calendar below.    

In an effort to save your time and ours...below is a list of the questions we get most often from loan officers across the country.  

  • Are the Leads Exclusive? YES! Our leads are never sold to anyone else in any other industry.
  • Are the Leads Real Time? YES! The leads shows up in your inbox immediately when the prospect hits the submit button on our contact form.
  • What is the Conversion Ratio? Of course, conversion ratios will vary from one loan officer to another based on experiance, systems in place and overall effort/followup, but you can expect a 5-10% closing ratio.
  • What Information Do I Get? You will know if the lead is a purchase or refi, when they are looking to act, estimated loan amount, self estimated credit score, name, email and phone number. All the fields are REQUIRED so you will never get a partial lead.
  • Are These Purchase or Refi? The current running ratio is 30% refi and 70% purchase. The vast majority of the purchase leads ARE NOT working with a realtor so you can leverage these leads to build your realtor database.
  • What's your return policy? We consider a lead as someone you have the ability to contact. If the phone number is disconnected and the email is bounced, then it is not considered a lead.
  • Is there a long term contract? NO! Unlike other companies, we don't require monthly retainers or contracts.  You simply buy the leads and when you run out, you buy more. We know our leads are so good that you'll be sticking around without a contract.  

Still not convinced? I get've probably been burned before with buying leads.  Go ahead and check out what some of our recent customers have said:

So what are you waiting for??  Schedule a call or start a chat NOW...either this is a fit for you or it's not...if so, great!!....if not, no worries...SCHEDULE YOUR CALL OR START YOUR CHAT NOW before someone else grabs your territory.

That's it!!  We're looking forward to hearing from you and helping you build your business!!


The Automatic Impact Team​