100% Exclusive - 100% Real Time VA Purchase and Refinance Leads

Are you sick of "exclusive" VA Leads only to find out you're the 5th person to call?  Are you sick of  "real time" VA Leads who filled out the information weeks or even months ago?   SO ARE WE.

Let's face it. There are a bunch of shady lead generation companies out there...and like you....I've probably dealt with most of them.  Leads you can't get a hold of, leads that are sold to a dozen loan officers or simply leads that don't convert to deals.  Why they are bad leads doesn't matter...because they are simply leads that don't fill your pipeline .

So What Make Us Different?

  • 100% Exclusive - These VA Leads are NEVER sold to anyone else. Ever.  Some companies will sell you an exclusive lead and then resell that lead in 30 days as an "Aged VA Lead".  The lead is yours and yours only.  
  • 100% Real Time - These VA Leads do not go to us and then we distribute them to you.  You receive the lead IMMEDIATELY upon submission.  
  • Personalized Approach - We take the time to learn your business and show you methods to increase lead conversion to provide you with the best experience possible.    
  • Land Top Real Estate Agents - The vast majority of the VA Purchase Leads ARE NOT working with an agent, so you can leverage these leads to land top agents.

Steve and Automatic Impact is AWESOME to work with.  Not only do they provide me with high quality leads, but the back end automation systems they have in place really make a difference in the conversion of those leads.  Steve is accessible anytime and always responds to any questions I have.  Automatic Impact is now a consistent part of my monthly marketing budget.  

Anderson S. 
Loan Officer, NC

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how awesome the campaign is going so far.  At first I was skeptical becasue I had been burned by some many other lead companies, but I knew within day of talking with these leads that this is the real deal.  Thanks so much and I can't wait "crush it" as you say :)

Ryan G. 
Loan Officer, WA

I first started with Steve and Automatic Impact just for myself and was quickly impressed with the quality of these leads.  So after the first order, I scaled the lead quantity up and now hand them out to my sales staff and use them as a recruitment tool to bring on more staff.  I can't recommend Steve and Automatic Impact enough.  

Kimberly L. 
Branch Manager, TX