• Owned my own Realty company for 5 years
  • Transitioned to the mortgage industry for 11 years
  • Used Social Media to generate leads for myself in both industries
  • I quickly found out I loved marketing more than I did the actual sale of a house or closing of a mortgage
  • Went through extensive training with coaches and mentors who were 7 figure earners in the Facebook marketing space
  • Raised in The Motherland (aka Wisconsin)
  • Avid outdoors enthusiast, Green Bay Packers fan, husband to the perfect wife and father to two amazing children

Now I dedicate myself to helping real estate and mortgage professionals not only build their pipeline, but build their brand as the expert in their area.

  • Within 3 months of starting Automatic Impact, we gained 62 clients across the country
  • Even with our continued growth, we have never lost sight of our goal of making real estate and mortgage professionals as successful as possible.

So, the question isn't if we can help you grow your pipeline and business...the question is are you READY for the growth?